That Was The Week That Was – Week 15

Following last week’s show of force in Syria, this week saw Trump continuing to rattle his sabre at those serial harbingers of Nuclear WW3, North Korea. The announcement confirmed that the US ‘Armada’ was sailing towards the Korean peninsula.

Now for the reality, it wasn’t. It was sailing in the opposite direction, North from Singapore towards the Western Pacific; but it was a good story whilst it lasted.

This week saw confirmation that despite the UK’s government’s patriotic attempts to drag our country back to the ‘great’ days of empire, the reality is the majority have moved on, and there was no greater demonstration of this than the astonishing photograph of Saffiyah Khan looking down upon Ian Crossland of the EDL. We’ll just ask a simple question, of the two, which person do you more closely associate yourself with? The confident, clearly intelligent person on the left or the bellend on the right? C’est la vie.

The US Chief of Intelligence at the Senate, Richard Burr, who has access to some of the most highly classified US intelligence, confirmed that Russia has been ‘actively involved’ in the French election process. Senator Burr, said Moscow has shown a clear will and ability to disrupt elections in Western democracies, what we might assess was a very covert effort in 2016 in the United States, is a very overt effort, as well as covert, in Germany and France.”

If you’re interested in this snippet of information you can read far more in the latest Brexitshambles article on ‘interference in elections by state and non-state actors’.

The absolute shambles the Tories are presiding over at the NHS, following earlier leaked documents, that had suggested how a ‘hard brexit’ would impact the NHS, was further confirmed with the news that hospitals are now looking to borrow £10bn from hedge funds to help repair hospitals and shore-up under pressure GP care.

Borrowing money is such a complicated business, as was revealed in this week’s Panorama which detailed not only how LIBOR had been fixed, and people gaoled, but revealed that the Bank of England has been implicated in rigging the rate along with Bob Diamond, former head of Barclays. Just who can you trust?

Certainly not Theresa May, who wants everyone to believe that Brexit will not only be great for the country but the majority are now coming around to it! Unfortunately, there was bad news for her from Transferwise boss, Taavet Hinrikus, who not only told her he wouldn’t set-up in London today but then dropped the bombshell that he was moving their HQ to the European mainland!

Let’s see what the Brexit roller-coaster brings next week…..