That Was The Week That Was – Week 14

Keep Smiling, we've rumbled you but I think your lot are still in the dark....

Last week was dominated by Trump’s response to the use of chemical weapons on civilians in Idlib by Assad’s Russian backed Syrian regime. The US Navy attacked Shayrat airbase, identified as the base used to launch the chemical attack, with 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles from the USS Ross and USS Porter in the eastern Mediterranean.

What made the attack remarkable was that after all the criticism Trump received over being in the pocket of the Russians, due to their interference in the US electoral process, he went out and, at the very first opportunity, apparently showed Putin who’s boss; no mistake there then, obviously all that Russian/Trump rubbish was ‘bigly’ Fake News.

What was even more remarkable was that Trump informed the Russians what he was going to do BEFORE he informed Congress thereby enabling Russia to move equipment and personnel into hardened shelters and out of harm’s way.

So, that question over the Russian’s and who’s in whose pocket? Glad that’s all cleared up!

Trump told his guest, China’s President Xi Jinping, of the strike over dinner at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida. It’s unknown if he told Xi that the aircraft carrier USS Vinson and three guided missile destroyers are currently steaming towards the Korean peninsula but apparently the chicken wings were ‘bigly’.

We were asked, by a Brexiteer on twitter, what our comments on US politics have to do with Brexit? Well, when you get Leave.EU scurrying across the Atlantic to offer a more sycophantic display of groveling than seen by Basil Fawlty to Lord Melbury and to then have

Farage publicly thanking Stephen Bannon, one of the architects of Trump’s remarkable victory in last year’s Presidential election, for delivering Brexit, you begin to look for connections and find far too many for comfort.

Stephen Bannon has his own problems; kicked off the National Security Council, along with Trump allies Michael Flynn and KT McFarland, chief strategist Bannon is in a fight to the death with senior advisor, and trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

This is one fight Trump should be extremely cautious of backing the wrong side. Bannon’s boss, Robert Mercer, played a substantial role in funding Trump’s election campaign particularly in using the dubious talents of Cambridge Analytica, a company that could easily be used against Trump in the future.

Mercer, a renowned poker player, has no fear in meeting a challenge, the bigger it is, the harder he will fight.  In 2014 his company, Renaissance, was the subject of a Senate inquiry due to its use of a tax device that enabled the company to avoid $6.8 billion in tax; the issue is pending before the Trump administration…..could be the best $22.5m bet he’s ever made…or the worst!

Theresa May has a long list in her office, it’s a list of broken Brexit promises and another was added to it last week. She finally admitted that free movement rules with the EU could continue for as long as five years after the UK leaves the EU. Which prompted former UKIP MEP Steven Woolfe to blow a gasket and claim “Brexit is not about splendid isolation – it’s about re-engaging with the world, without our wings clipped by the European Union.” Of course it is Steven, of course it is.

There’s an awful lot of “ex” UKIP people wanting to be heard. Nearly as long as their “ex” list is their “former leader” list and it was Diane James’ turn last week, remember her? No, us neither. Hot on the heels of “ex” UKIP Welsh assembly member Mark (w)Reckless Ms James now sees her spiritual home as the Conservative party; bad news for you “luv”, they don’t want you either!

Talking of people who aren’t wanted, Jeremy Corbyn’s team have been working hard to come up with a policy that will rescue their party from the wreckage that’s left following their support of the Tory Brexit coup. They came up with a revolutionary free school meals policy; you know, the policy that the Lib Dems had in their manifesto.

With the Tories banging on about grammar schools and Labour promoting free school meals it’s all becoming so 1950’s….so very Brexit.

Labour is now beyond parody, it’s now got to the stage where attacking their cluelessness on the consequences of Brexit won’t stir them from their self-induced coma; maybe Blair was right about what’s needed.

Back at Number 10, Theresa May, following the visit of Donald Tusk, was left in no doubt as to the reality of Brexit; with less talk over who’s holding all the cards and with the latest Armada cancelled, this country has been led down the garden path by a small group of right-wing fanatics who have no responsibility for the general population and are happy for power-mad May and her three stooges to stumble along before becoming the Brexit scapegoats of history whilst they live happily ever after in their low tax, small state, deregulated nirvana.