Voting Tory – The Hidden Cost.

In England, there are two choices in the 2017 election. You either vote for a brighter future or you vote for continuity austerity and all its consequences.

The main choices are the Conservative party, whose essential philosophy is based around individual responsibility and the promotion of a small state / low tax economic platform, or the Labour party, whose diametrically opposed philosophy promotes social inclusion through an enhanced state which is paid for through progressive taxation.

Our multifaceted electorate is made up of (1) the indoctrinated, those who vote for the party they identify with no matter what, (2) those who choose to support neither, preferring a minority party, for geographical or ethical reasons, and, (3) the most important sector of all, the people who make our democracy work, the floating (swing) voter; those who are persuaded to vote either through perceptions of past performance or on manifesto promises.

On Thursday June 8th our electorate is tasked with a momentous decision, one that will not only impact the current UK population but many generations to come. It’s not a time to simply think of yourself, to shirk responsibility or pander to petty prejudices. It’s a time to face up to the truth, to be mature enough to accept that reality of the UK in 2017 and beyond.

For the past seven years the Conservative party has implemented an austerity programme with the intention of ‘getting the deficit down’ and controlling public spending.

The seven years of austerity has been an unprecedented disaster. The deficit, the difference between what the country earns and what it spends, prior to the world recession in 2008, was £40.9bn, today the deficit now stands at £57.2bn. (Source ONS)

This failure has meant that the government has had to borrow at an unprecedented rate; borrowing so heavily that the total sum is greater than the borrowing of all the collective Labour governments put together. A statistic which is reflected in the national debt, which in 2010, stood at £960bn and, despite those seven years of austerity, is now an eye watering £1.73T and is forecast to rise to £2T by 2020. (Source ONS)

ONS National Debt

The very inconvenient truth is, that whilst the Conservatives handling of the UK economy has been unquestionably a disaster it is the consequences of these policies that 95% of the population has to suffer through cuts to services that is so damaging.

The evidence, despite repeated denials from all Tory ministers, that their damaging cuts to our health service, our education service, our social services, our emergency services, our security services and our armed forces is clearly having a detrimental effect on the safety, health and well-being of society as a whole.

Yet, whilst the majority of the UK, 95% of the population, suffer losses to the services which they pay for through their taxes, most people are oblivious to the fact that this Conservative government has been collecting record amounts of tax throughout the seven years that they’ve been in power, as this chart from HMRC adequately illustrates.

Source – HMRC

Nobody could argue that every country needs to live within its means, but seriously, look at the chart, does this feel like we’re living in the fifth most successful economy on the planet?

Look at our hospitals, look at our schools, look at the state of our roads, look at how we look after our old and young, look at the growth in the use of foodbanks, homelessness and zero hour contracts exploting the most needy in our society.

What’s happening? It goes back to the parties basic philosophies, the Conservative priorities of a small state low tax economy actually only benefits 5% of the population, those who will be in receipt of £70 billion of tax cuts which the rest of us pay for, essentially we’re living in a society where, we pay whilst they play.

And that £70 billion is just those who pay tax; don’t forget those funding the Conservatives, including ministers in their own government, hide much of their wealth from HMRC through ‘tax efficient’ offshore structures, the official name of ‘magic money trees.’

So whilst the Conservatives look after the more useless members of society, people like ‘hedgies’ and offshore tax avoiders, Labour look after the 95%: the nurses, doctors, teachers, firefighters and police, the workers, the young, the old and the sick. Labour aren’t taking the Winter Fuel allowance away from 10m pensioners, neither are they making them sell their homes if they become sick. Labour also aren’t giving people who don’t actually need or deserve £70 billion pounds.

Another Conservative catastrophe unleashed on the UK is Brexit. The EU referendum result was delivered almost twelve months ago and the consequences are now beginning to emerge. Brexit is a disaster of national proportions.

Aside from confirmation from the director of Vote Leave, that the referendum was won through lying to the electorate and that both Vote Leave and Leave.EU are now the subject of investigations, by the Electoral Commission and the Information Commissioners Office, into their activities during the referendum, warnings of the damaging effect Brexit will have on the UK, that were dismissed at the time, are now clearly seen by all but the totally blind.

“Britain’s economic performance will slow next year as the prospect of a “hard” Brexit takes its toll on growth and confidence, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development predicted on Wednesday, in a blow to UK prime minister Theresa May just one day before the general election.”            FT 8/6/17

Our economy is slowing. The 20% devaluation of the pound means that prices are rising and the cost of living is increasing. What this means is that as inflation increases, leading inevitably to higher borrowing costs, we’re all experiencing a lower standard of living and, despite the reassurances from those that were wrong the first time around, it’s going to get worse, much worse.

Thousands, tens of thousands of people, working in the services industry, a sector that contributes 76% of our GDP, face an uncertain future. As does what’s left of our manufacturing industry, which, despite many promises, will be devastated by a hard Brexit requiring trading on WTO terms.

Economically and socially the Tories are clearly a busted flush with little to offer.

The Great Tory Confidence Trick

What you’ve just read is all factually correct, so why do people still contemplate voting for the Conservatives?

The Conservatives have a clever little trick that they use time and time again and, like all great scams, its genius is in its simplicity; they accuse their opposition of what they’re actually guilty of themselves and people fall for it.

“Labour will borrow £500bn and bankrupt the country.” “Labour will raise taxes.” “Corbyn is a terrorist sympathiser.” “Under Labour the country will be unsafe.” “Under Labour’s corporation tax increases, businesses will leave the UK.”

And the list goes on and on.

Who is it that has borrowed £770bn and doubled the national debt?

Who is it that has been collecting record tax receipts throughout their seven year reign?

Who is it that promotes peace and who is it that supplies arms to sovereign states, such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar that support Wahhabism, Isis and Al-Qaeda?

Who is it that has cut police, intelligence services, the armed forces and all emergency services including the prison service?

Who is it that called a needless referendum and in doing so turned our economy into the equal worst in the G7, has forced many businesses to consider relocating to other countries, jeopardising tens of thousands of jobs in the service and manufacturing sectors?

Make sure on Thursday you use your vote wisely. Normally in life, you get what you pay for, under the Tories you’re paying but you’re getting nothing in return, you’re being scammed.

We’ll finish by letting you look at the scam in operation. Watch carefully, who is it that tried to increase NI? Who is it that collects the most tax? Who is it that has caused an increase in inflation? Who is it that increased VAT? Who is it that won’t say if they’ll increase taxes and NI during the next five years as Brexit bites? Who is it that is stuttering and spluttering in this video?

The best way to avoid not being scammed is not to vote for the Tories.

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