Tory Dream Will Deliver Social Nightmare

Brexit, portrayed as the opportunity for ordinary people to take back control of their lives, has been ingeniously seized upon by the hard right of the Tory party to deliver their utopian dream of a deregulated, small state, low tax economy.

Utopian for them, dystopian for everyone else.

Whilst an elite will benefit greatly from a low tax regime and deregulation in the workplace, the consequential loss to the social fabric of the nation will be catastrophic.

Hospital, school and public building programmes will give way to a reliance upon the free market economy.

This race to the bottom, in what could see the UK becoming an offshore tax haven, will become a bargaining chip, or in plain language, a threat to the EU’s negotiators.

Theresa May can do little else. With the City similarly threatening action as a raft of companies reveal plans to relocate thousands of jobs from the City due to the potential loss of essential passporting rights, which guarantees its status as the entry point to the wider European market, the opportunity to become a global tax haven may well offer a form of compensation.

It is difficult to see how this apocalyptic version of It’s a Wonderful Life will improve the lives of the majority of ordinary UK citizens, and unlike in the Frank Capra movie, we won’t have a Clarence to offer us the opportunity to see what life under the wicked Potter would be like.

It seems increasingly likely the UK population has sleep-walked into the greatest social change since the Clement Attlee government of 1945 which introduced, the national health service, family allowances, the national insurance act, which provided sickness and unemployment benefits and pensions for all.

Only this time its not for the better its for the worse as the social fabric of the country is opened to private insurance and the reality that those who can will, and those who can’t will suffer.

Whilst Labour are led by a well-meaning protester, who prefers the cut and thrust of civilised debate, the Tories are running rings around everyone; the likelihood of a poorer, more divided country is becoming an increasing reality.