Tories ‘Carry On Fiddling’ With Election Coup

Not so much a Tory lone fiddler on the roof but an ensemble formed of twenty-four Conservative MP’s who allegedly secured their seats illegally in the 2015 election.

The weekend ‘Easter Message’ from PM Theresa May was seen as amusing for suggesting she “had a sense that the UK had come together over Brexit”. Little did anybody realise that this was simply the amuse-bouche for Tuesday morning’s main course bombshell that she intended to go to the country to strengthen her governments, possibly criminally acquired, current position in the House of Commons.

A bombshell that confirmed that the level of collusion, between the Tories and Paul Dacre’s far-right Daily Mail, remains unabated as her fantasy conspiracy of Brexit sabotage, involving Labour, the SNP and the Lords, ushering in her extreme volte-face, was screamed by The Mail with their ‘SABOTEURS’ headline the following day.

It has been a long standing tactic of The Mail to accuse others of what their ilk are actually doing, a looking glass world where ‘enemies of the people’ are actually protecting us from the real enemies, where those waving flags around and reminiscing about the British empire, claiming to be patriots, aren’t patriots at all, but traitors following an illegally elected government who used a highly dubious referendum to drag this country’s people back to the dark ages.

Notwithstanding the fact that more and more people are beginning to fathom the damage Brexit will bring to this country, as the madness continues to unfurl, let’s not pretend that May’s reasons for going to the country – to deter those imaginary saboteurs, to strengthen Britain’s hand in Brexit negotiations – are anything other than desperate opportunism, preying on the disarray within the official opposition, affording her a remarkable 21% lead, and her party’s survivalist mentality as they’re faced the distinct possibility of 24 by-elections in constituencies where Tory MP’s are facing the prospect of gaol due to election fraud in the 2015 election.

Whilst it is clear why Mrs May has decided she needs to go to the country, there’s a feeling that Labour, in welcoming the prospect of an election, is a party of turkeys led by chief turkey Jeremy Corbyn. Not so, there’s actual method in this apparent madness.

An election in 2020 would be fought under the forthcoming changes introduced by the boundary commission, an election now will be fought under existing boundaries.

Given that Corbyn faces another three years of hanging on to the Labour leadership by his fingernails and, that once enacted, boundary changes, along with the rise of the SNP in Scotland, would potentially see Labour relegated to opposition for decades to come; without the possibility of coalition, Corbyn has seized his one and only opportunity.

An opportunity that confirms he’s putting his own personal ambition, once again, before the future of the Labour party and the country, because as it stands Labour will be annihilated.

The vote today, following the debate on an early parliamentary general election motion, saw the government achieve its objective, of circumventing the fixed parliament act, with MP’s backing the PM by 522 votes in favour of an early election with just 13 against.

With Corbyn’s Labour in its last, probably more accurately, only chance saloon, the SNP champing at the bit for a fight and the Lib Dems confidence at its highest for seven years, the questions now are how will the Lib Dems perform in picking up seats on an anti-brexit platform, when Tim Farron has limited appeal, or will a progressive alliance, against the lying, cheating, opportunist Tories, do better?

So there we have it, nine months of telling all and sundry that there was no need for a general election, telling the Scots that now was not the time for another independence referendum as “we should be working to get the right deal for Scotland and the UK with our future partnership with the European Union.” only to now decide that it’s in the interests of the country to have a general election.

The only honest facts we’ve learnt today is that Mrs May lies like a cheap rug in the houses of parliament and whilst she can ‘Maybot’ and keep to a well rehearsed script, she’s terrified of taking part in a live debate where she’ll have to think on her kitten heels.