That Was The Week That Was – Week 07

With Parliament in recess you’d have thought this week would have been the calm before the storm of next week’s by-elections and shenanigans in the Lords; nothing could be further from the truth with this week’s entertainment provided by a Tory in a bow tie, UKIP’s Paul Nuttall and, inevitably, ‘The Donald’

The week began at the BAFTA’s, where Ken Loach received the ‘Outstanding British Film’ award for ‘I, Daniel Blake’, a brutal exposé of the impact of benefit sanctions in 21st century Britain.

Tim Loughton MP

Whilst most where happy for the veteran movie maker, Conservative MP Tim Loughton, understandably, didn’t share the consensus and tweeted:

The irony of his own tweet went completely over the head of the honourable member for East Worthing & Shoreham. The highly irritating Tim ‘nice but dim’ Loughton was on a freebie, taking a break from counting his £193,589 expenses yet he claimed Ken was in La La Land?

We’re unsure if Tim spent the night in one of the hotels he uses in London, the hotels for which he claims £11,000 accommodation expenses despite owning two properties in London – la la land indeed.

The mess Theresa the Appeaser created through inviting ‘The Donald’ on a state visit isn’t going away, unlike his popularity ratings.

Fake news purveyor ‘The Sunday Express’ proudly announced “Trump Aid – a spectacular UK rally to help war veterans” Moving ‘The Donald’ out of inevitable protests in London, The Express described how attendees at the Trump rally, possibly at the NEC, due to the size of the crowds, – probably outside, protesting – would pay £10 a head to hear the rantings of the POTUS with all proceeds going to The Royal British Legion.

Bit of a problem here…..we contacted the British Legion, nobody had approached them and if they had they would have explained that they don’t accept those kind of donations – back to the drawing board guys – if only Theresa had kept her mouth shut!

‘Fake News’ and an example of how were getting dragged backwards by this vacuous populist nonsense. They want to charge people to go and see a barely literate lunatic that has been planted in the oval office? In the 19th century people would pay to go and see the ‘lunatics’ at Colney Hatch asylum on a Sunday….I’ll leave it there.

In the run-up to next week’s by-election in Stoke Central, UKIP’s week went from bad to worse.

Leader of UKIP Paul Nuttall

The ineptness of, what was, Farage’s one-man party, was exposed for all to see. Its new, Walter Mitty like leader, Paul Nuttall, was caught out yet again over his somewhat creative past.

Nuttall, having previously claimed to have a PhD, he doesn’t, a professional footballer, he wasn’t, was on the board of a charity, you can guess, he wasn’t, now claimed to have lost some close friends at Hillsborough only to be forced into admitting he didn’t. His claim, that, as a twelve-year-old, he attended the infamous match has now been brought into question completely, with former friends and teachers admitting he has never talked about it in the past and his father getting his age wrong!

For those unaware of the strength of feeling on this subject in Nuttall’s home town of Liverpool, let’s just say kicking a puppy, mugging a pensioner or stealing the poor box from the vestry, pales into insignificance when compared to making erroneous claims over Hillsborough.

Whatever you think about the people of Liverpool they have a reputation of not just spotting a phoney, but taking them to task; mention the Sun to one of them and they’ll tell you all about ‘Fake News’.

Only someone with little common sense would annoy them over Hillsborough, it’s akin to putting your fist into a wasp’s nest. This week, Banks, Farage and Nuttall did just this and were hauled, backwards and forwards, over the coals, time and time again, leaving Nuttall ‘websiteless’ and crying for sympathy in front of 300 pensioners at the UKIP spring conference.

Friday saw Tony Blair enter the ring to defend the majority of the country from the madness of Brexit. “Yes, the British people voted to leave Europe,” he acknowledged, but people did vote on Brexit “without knowledge of the full terms” and pointed out that, like politicians, people can change their minds.

Of course Blair’s comments brought a veritable storm of criticism from rabid Leavers, led by Boris Johnson, who couldn’t wait to point out Blair’s Iraq nightmare, he echoed Blair’s cry to “Rise Up” but Boris said “rise up and switch off your TV the next time Blair is on”…he’s a card is Boris.

The difference in opportunist Boris and intellectual Tony was there for all to see, Boris forgets that he too, along with the vast majority of MP’s and 70% of the public also got it wrong on Iraq. Blair did get it wrong on Iraq but that does not mean he has it wrong about Brexit. You can read what he said here.

We’ll finish with a comment on ‘The Donald’. Let’s be honest, he’s a satirist dream, in fact, he’s making comedians redundant as he’s doing their job for them, he’s cut out the middleman. We’re all laughing at him but I’ll leave you with the thought that the guy who uttered the following holds the codes to Armageddon…..

“We had Hillary Clinton give Russia 20 percent of the uranium in our country. You know what uranium is, right? This thing called nuclear weapons like lots of things are done with uranium including some bad things.”