Oh, Jeremy Corbyn!

Jeremy Corbyn is playing a dangerous game. Sacking members of his front bench, bizarrely for voting against the Tories, courting the country’s youth vote, then going against their views and the similarly overwhelming pro-European views of not only his PLP but those of the party membership and its supporters, will only end in him helping the Tories cling to power and delivering their damaging Brexit.

This isn’t the first time either. Earlier in the year Corbyn similarly whipped Labour MP’s to support the Tories in their Article 50 bill, when not only did he hold the door open to Theresa May ushering in this Tory Brexit, he doffed his cap as they went through.

The Labour leader should learn from very recent history; apparent popularity is gossamer like and can disappear far quicker than it is gained.

Leaving aside the developing economic shambles that the clear majority of experts foretold and is now unfurling, Brexit represents a crushing blow to the many by the few.

We have a two-house system which is meant to protect us, only it doesn’t. The Lords certainly posture now and again but, as was seen over Brexit, they ultimately fold like a cheap suit when they’re needed to protect us.

As members of the EU our right to work, live and love are all safeguarded. Our environment, our food, our safety are all currently protected, but now the few want to deregulate this so that they can exploit the many and Jeremy Corbyn has the golden opportunity to prevent this miscarriage of democracy from happening.

Nobody could deny Corbyn performed well during the 2017 election. He sold a good manifesto to a hungry electorate, successfully appealed to an ambivalent youth vote and charmed a media that were largely baying for his blood; nobody can take this away from him, he did well.

Yet, the uncomfortable truth is that Labour ended up almost sixty seats behind the Tories who are being led by arguably the worst Prime Minister since Anthony Eden. Theresa May is there for the taking and for all his apparent success Corbyn is unable to deliver the fatal blow.

Labour needs to build on its new-found impetus, Corbyn needs to put out his A team and walk the walk of acting in a democratic fashion – Labour members and supporters have proven again and again that they’re pro-European and oppose Brexit. He needs to do this now or get off the pot.