Nuttall – Ignore EU and Strike New Trade Deals

UKIP leader, Paul Nuttall, believes that the UK should disregard existing EU rules, and their obligations under multilateral treaties, and immediately begin negotiating trade deals with countries like Trump’s America.

“What can they do? There are six million jobs in the EU dependent on UK trade, Germany sells 800,000 cars annually and France exports 39 bottles of Champagne, they need us more than they we need them”

Exports to Europe account for almost 50% of the UK’s total exports, conversely, exports to the UK represent just 16% of the EU’s total output.

Asked if the worlds most powerful trading bloc would punish the UK for negotiating new trade deals before its formal exit Nuttall explain, “No, it ain’t gonna ‘appen” and in a worryingly historic display of demagoguery Nuttall then proclaimed “Once we start signing those trade deals all over the world Britain will go through a new era of prosperity the like of which we haven’t seen since the industrial revolution.”

Nuttall, is the prospective parliamentary candidate for UKIP in the forthcoming by-election in Stoke, Staffordshire. Stoke saw its fortune built on ceramics before many famous names transferred production to facilities in the far East, the city remains the centre of the British ceramic industry and is the largest clayware producer in the world.

When Wedgwood, the sacred cow of Staffordshire ceramic production, called in the administrators and shut down its factory in 2009, it seemed to sound the death knell for the beleaguered industry, however, later that year, the trend began to be reversed when Portmeirion acquired the historic pottery firm Spode and took the bold step of reversing the region’s manufacturing trend and actually returned some of Spode’s production from China and Malaysia to take advantage of EU trade regulations.

Chief executive of the British Ceramic Confederation, Dr Laura Cohen said “UK ceramic manufacturers employ 20,000 people, EU tariffs on tiles and tableware protect UK jobs, half of the UK’s ceramic sector exports are to the European Union and EU tariffs prevent countries, such as China, dumping products which flood the market with cheaper products.”

Paul Nuttall was unavailable for comment.