Coming Soon – A Deep Investigation Into The Brexit Big Data Deception

A deep, revealing investigation into the Brexitscam. A tangled web woven by far-right ideologists whose goal of a deregulated, low tax, small state economy was hindered by membership of the EU.

Read how this ideal has been facilitated through a coordinated craven campaign the aim of which was to deceive the people into believing that leaving the EU would deliver whatever they were told is the cause of their individual misfortunes – through an interrelated strategy of targeted misinformation. AKA lies.

Discover how politicians and the moneyed elite have fused together to deliver a platform for advancing that the people of the UK live in a dystopian, retrograde version of the British Empire of old.

A world where people knew their place and your neighbour, your local shopkeeper and your jolly publican all spoke the Queen’s English, and had nice white faces like yours.

A long read but well worth it for the terrifying conclusion – we’ve all been had.