Brexit – The lie that came in from the cold

Out of the chaos of Brexit, one thing is now ironically clear; just how much the UK needs the protection of the EU.

It need the EU to safeguard not only the rights and freedoms its population has gained since right-wing fanatics last cast their menacing shadow over the continent of Europe, but, increasingly, to safeguard its right to even call itself a democracy.

Over the last few years the UK has undertaken a journey from which its alighted into a world where black is white and up is down, where traitors are portrayed as patriots. freedom has been portrayed as oppression and lies pass for facts and truth.

What the Brexit debacle and subsequent events have proven beyond all doubt is that the UK’s Parliamentary democracy, where the mandated representational government is kept in check by opposition parties and the House of Lords, is nothing but a hollow sham.

What the UK is now left with, thanks to one historically significant event, is little more than a faceless and secretive cabal operating a managed democracy intent on bypassing Parliament at any cost.

Following the failure of then Prime Minister Cameron to secure any meaningful change to the UK’s EU membership, Brexit was portrayed to the downtrodden electorate as an opportunity to ‘take back control’. Masquerading as a great exercise in democracy, Brexit incredibly wasn’t recognised for what it was until it was all over; a device, a Trojan donkey that’s made an ass of everybody save for the conductors of this not so merry dance.

Conceived long ago in the elite clubs of St James, by tax evading billionaires and willingly assisted by media barons of a similar persuasion, Brexit was executed by the cabal of Europhobes within the Tory party, leaving the dirty work to be conducted by populist orators, state actors’ intent on subverting the UK’s position within Europe, ensuring the referendum was secured through the highly dubious, and now being investigated, strategies of Vote Leave and Leave EU.

This opportunistic right-wing Tory plot was skilfully crafted to appeal to the multitude of opinions that form the UK electoral demographic. It’s also been one of the greatest lies perpetrated in the UK’s political history, but don’t allow this inescapable fact to detract from its genius.

It was designed to simultaneously appeal to the racist, the xenophobe, the patriot, the one-nation-Tory, the disaffected Labour traditionalist, disenfranchised and impoverished through years of unnecessary Tory austerity and concerned over the managed decline of their schools, their housing, their jobs and their NHS.

It also appealed to the genuinely clueless, those with barely a working knowledge of the intricacies of the EU, most of us, if the truth be known and big enough to admit. Those who knew little of Erasmus, of Euratom, of the technicalities of passporting rights, of the complexities of international trade deals, of the difference between the European Council and the European Commission, or the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights.

As night followed day, any criticism voiced in this direction was immediately met with an expertly orchestrated chorus of, “are you SERIOUSLY suggesting that people didn’t know what they were voting for?” a sentiment a little too eagerly expressed by people like Farage, Bone, Redwood, Rees-Mogg, Johnson, Baker, Fox, Gove, and other chinless players, cabalists admired for their developed social conscience? Their love for the struggles of the hoi polloi? Or maybe just their ability to use WhatsApp.

In addition to having their natural fears stoked by that nice chap Nigel who, as if by magic, always managed to say something that struck a chord, what they learned of the EU came from the brand of journalism practiced by The Mail, Express and Sun.

Backing-up this raft of misinformation, on everything from wasteful bureaucracy to misshapen fruit and laws on coffin sizes, people were told repeatedly that their problems were caused by immigration, immigration from everywhere. Johnny Foreigner, coming over here, taking their jobs, their housing and their benefits; putting a strain on their services, their transport, their schools and their health service.

Future historians will observe that following a worldwide recession, six years of austerity, decades of misinformation and a little local difficulty involving UKIP, the stage was set, the die was cast; the Tories decided to ask the UK electorate a simple binary question on this highly complex issue.

This action in itself was bizarre, yet to deliver a Referendum Act, one that was devoid of the necessary safeguard of a threshold, a supermajority, which, even in the absence of a formal constitution, should be a requirement of any referendum that had the ‘possibility’ of delivering change of such magnitude, potentially the greatest change of the 21st century, makes the Tories, as the government responsible for safeguarding the country’s best interests, guilty of a gross dereliction of duty or perhaps even something worse, as they deliberately and purposefully rejected proposals to include such a safeguarding mechanism.

It is understandable that, for many, the answer to the question asked of the referendum was simple; they felt that life was better before the EU, their psyche harked back to a time when the UK was a centre of manufacturing, when unemployment was non-existent, when everyone’s face was the same colour and everyone spoke English, a world where Mr. Brown went off to town on the 8.21 and came home each evening and went for a pint down the pub, an ideal relentlessly promoted by people in tweed suits drinking pints of Agincourt on St Crispin’s day.

Others saw it differently, they saw the potential for damage to an economy which provided the revenues for their services, their schools and a health service suitable for all in the 21st century, they saw the potential for the loss of hard won rights, of the loss of environmental protections and damage to their freedoms. These losses included, but were not limited to:

• Trade Deals with over Fifty Countries
• Single Market Membership
• Freedom of Movement
• Work Time Directives
• Family Life Directives
• Harmonised Standards
• Horizon 2020
• Natura2000
• Erasmus
• Open Skies
• Harmonised Rights
• Peace in Northern Ireland
• No Customs Bureaucracy
• Security Cooperation
• Harmonised Environmental Standards
• Health Insurance Reciprocation
• Price Stability
• EU Wide Manufacture/Assembly
• Regional Funding
• Arts & Media Funding
• Central European Lending on Capital Projects
• Common Agricultural Policy
• Farming Subsidies
• Common Pharmacopeia Standards

Above all they saw the loss of a protection from the extremes of the right and left wings of politics and their factions operating within the established parties, rights and protections that could now be removed by the sham system of government operated in the UK with toothless Lords and a figurative, impotent, head of state.

For those voting to leave the EU, despite the futile attempts of the right-wing press to portray the reverse, the referendum has been little more than a pyrrhic victory. More and more are coming to the inescapable conclusion that, even before the UK leaves the EU, the uncomfortable truth is that the Brexit vote alone has damaged both the economy and the prosperity of the population.

This dawning realisation, that the UK parliment had always been sovereign, that it was always in control of its borders, that most immigration into the UK is from outside the EU and that economic migrants are net contributors to the country’s economy, has been met by nothing more than total denial from the perpetrators of the great lie; they have little else to offer after being caught red handed.

Yes, those voting Leave have slowly realised what they’ve been left with; a gaggle of incompetents playing international politics with all the confidence of a UKIP candidate on election night.

Flying in the face of this reality, some continue to demonstrate that their understanding of referendums is equal to their understanding of the EU. “The will of the people” is their cry, yet logically by no stretch of the imagination is 37% of the electorate the will of the people, never was, never will be, but why state it?

As previously explained, the mechanism ensuring that the will of the people was implemented was deliberately omitted by the Conservative government, an act which saw the opportunists perpetrate what essentially became a very British coup, cleverly camouflaged as being the “will of the people” this nonsense was nevertheless still a coup.

By way of explanation; within minutes of the referendum result being announced it was proclaimed as binding, within hours the elected Prime Minister had gone and seventeen days later an unopposed Theresa May led an unelected government on a roller coaster ride to powers undreamt of in the UK since the sixteenth century.

Over the past fifteen months Parliament has seen May’s government twice dragged through the courts, the opposition and House of Lords roll over, allowing May to trigger Article 50, a general election where Theresa May begged the country, “give me your mandate” and they gave her their answer, leading to her having to bribe a party, the DUP, in the coup up to their necks, to keep her in power.

With no mandate, and no cohesive opposition, the Tories, through the EU Withdrawal Bill, have secured unimagined executive powers to mould the UK’s destiny the way the cabal intended. A destiny which will happen as they also passed a motion to secure the majority of seats on standing committees dealing with the new Brexit legislation; essentially gerrymandering the standing committees and making it far easier for the Tories to get Brexit legislation passed without amendments. The will of the people, more like the will of the cabal.

There are of course the rumblings of discontent amongst the Tory benches, but this is simply politics, when the time comes they’ll be bought off like the DUP; it’s amazing how concerns over ‘power grabs’ ‘Henry VIII powers’ ‘unconstitutional abuses of power’ disappear once that road, school or community centre are approved. Governments treat the public purse as a slush fund, always have always will.

So, who or what is going to stop the Tories running roughshod over decades of progress and centuries of history? Time for some uncomfortable home truths.

Well, despite being the only official anti-brexit party, the Liberal Democrats aren’t in a position to stop anything. Too small, with not enough people listening to them after their disastrous coalition pact with Cameron’s Tories, it will take a long time, if ever, for people to forgive and forget.

The national parties similarly don’t have enough universal appeal and are in a perpetual battle for recognition, battles that wax and wane over time as their appeal floats on the tide of approval.

Will Labour be the saviour of the day? Not unless there’s a miracle. Quite simply Labour are delusional. They can paint any kind of picture they wish but the reality is they lost an election to the worst candidate, who had the worst campaign in living memory, by almost sixty seats, yes, sixty seats, and despite proclaiming to be the most democratic party, their leadership are ignoring the wishes of the vast majority of their MP’s, members and voters, with the line they’re taking, over Brexit, because, no matter how uncomfortable it is to face the truth, it’s clear that they’re being led by an historic Eurosceptic.

Just as Theresa May conveniently changed her allegiance, if not her belief, over Brexit in exchange for power, her and her banker husband are staunch remainers, Jeremy Corbyn did exactly the same. You can be in no doubt that he would have proudly stood alongside Dennis Skinner in the government lobby last week to vote for the EU repeal bill, they’re kindred spirits, but when it comes to principles Skinner’s the genuine article.

A miner who’s been on more picket lines and climbed more pit heads than probably all the current parliamentary party put together, Dennis Skinner has always been a staunch Eurosceptic because he believes that the EU is the root cause of workers being exploited.

He couldn’t be more wrong of course, he’s oblivious to the strides the EU has taken on this subject; his opinion was formed back in the days of the Common Market, and like Corbyn, he’s incapable of living a life outside of the one he’s experienced, but unlike Corbyn he has the luxury of not being the leader of a party so he can vote as he sees fit.

That’s the reason the whole country is confused by Labour’s approach to Brexit, Corbyn needs to use the pot or get off it, but he won’t and therein lies the problem, on Brexit, the single biggest issue facing the country, he’s at odds with the majority of his party.

So, unless a new and more representative leader comes to the fore, Labour aren’t going to prevent a full-blown Brexit, and that’s what we’re going to get, forget any ideas of degrees of softness, the parasitic Tory cabal, operating within the Tory party, are going to get what they planned to, a deregulated, low tax, small government economy, where the workers, Corbyn and Skinner are so protective of, will have less rights, low pay and no national health service, well done you.

No amount of Twitter and Facebook accounts, or websites like this, are stopping the Brexit express, no number of petitions, demonstrations or marches are going to make a difference, the reality is the strategies of the Tory cabal are superior to those playing catch-up, and, for all the opposition, the only person holding them to account, so far, has been Gina Miller.

We genuinely fear that unless the country is quickly brought to its senses by a yet to emerge leader of a yet to emerge movement, possibly comprising a coalition of existing MPs from across the political spectrum, a movement designed to crush the cabal responsible for this chaos, we’re going to end up with the world they planned for us to have all along.