Brexit Shambles, run by a group of like minded people, is a project born from the rejection of the post-truth society socially aware Europeans awoke to in 2016.

It’s not funded by diamond mine owning Alt.Right supporting millionaires – nor do we hold any particular allegiance to any political party – we simply believe that the citizens of the UK are safer, more socially protected and have much better advantages than disadvantages within the European Union.

Our raison d’être is simple, to provide news and comment on the fight against Brexit to people with a similar mindset who want access to a truthful and trusted resource.

Whilst we completely understand that the EU isn’t perfect, what organisation representing over 500 million people could ever be? We reject completely the contention, made by the UK government, that the majority of the UK population are in favour of exiting the European Union; they simply aren’t.

No provision was included in the 2015 Referendum Act in relation to what would happen after the vote. This very clause, which made the referendum advisory, was cited by the government as the reason to disregard amendments introduced by the SNP, their intention being to apply safeguards to the act, such as a super-majority, an acknowledged feature of referendums that are intended to produce constitutional change.

Finally, we’d like to share a statement with you, a statement that caused us great concern, a statement released by the free-market think tank the Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) within minutes of the official declaration of the EU referendum on the 24th June 2016,

“The weakness of the Labour party and the resolution of the EU question have created a unique political opportunity to drive through a wide-ranging revolution on a scale similar to that of the 1980s. This must include removing unnecessary regulatory burdens on businesses, such as those related to climate directives and investment fund[s].”